Check out what our clients have to say.

Michael is the best! Honestly after more than three years of working out with him and having tried nearly every other workout program: ­­kickboxing, aerobic, barre, pilates, TRX (you name it, I’ve probably tried it), ­­nothing compares to his workouts. He is a truly exceptional trainer­­ and just a generally thoughtful, caring person­­ who provides a perfect blend of physical challenge, aerobic endurance, strength-­building, and fun.

In only a few months, he helped kick me back into the physical and mental shape I was in pre­-baby; in fact, I think I might actually be even stronger. I also don’t think he has EVER repeated a workout in all the time that I’ve known him, and now have a hard time imagine what my workouts would be like without him. I enthusiastically recommend him - ­­get out there and let Michael help you achieve your health and fitness goals!
— Shayna C.
Michael has been my fitness instructor for almost 2 years.  He is not what you typically expect.  He never yells or screams at you but instead motivates you when you need it most.  He never makes you feel worthless but he makes you want to push yourself and in turn you love yourself for it.  When I tell people all that I’ve accomplished in the short hour we have in the morning (while most people are peacefully sleeping) they can’t believe it. Frankly neither can I! 

You have to be someone special to get me up before the sun is awake - and Michael is that guy. 
Michael is motivational, knowledgeable, and a fantastic trainer. He always mixes up our mornings so you are never bored.  He makes you push yourself to do things you never believed you could do.  I continue to see my body changing and my strength increase.  Michael has gotten me to a level I never could have imagined. 
— Victoria D.
I’ve never enjoyed working out until I attended one of J’s classes. 3 years later, his classes are the only things I look forward to when I wake up. J is an awesome instructor and always changes the exercise regimen so you will never get bored, even after 3 years. Thank you, J for helping me push my body to the limit and helping me develop an appreciation for fitness. I have never been in better shape and it’s all thanks to you. I look forward to many more years of being a part of your classes.
— Kenny L.
I would recommend J to anyone looking for a trainer. I have grown to really enjoy exercise since working with him - something I never thought I’d say! The workouts are always different and I’ve gotten much stronger, faster, and leaner. He changed my perception of strength training and now it’s my favorite part of my fitness routine. J pushes me past my comfort zone and has such a great personality I look forward to our sessions despite how hard they are!
— Laura T.